About Us

Scope AI Corp. is a Vancouver-based technology company specializing in artificial intelligence (‘AI’). Our flagship product, GEM – General Enterprise Machine Learning, is a cutting-edge recognition system powered by AI and designed for a wide range of visual recognition applications. Scope is dedicated to continuously enhancing GEM’s capabilities, providing businesses of all sizes with a versatile solution to develop their own recognition and visual information systems.

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The Scope team has dedicated extensive efforts to enhance the versatility of our GEM (General Enterprise Machine Learning) platform. GEM is your AI wizard now allowing business to create their own object detection, visual information systems and complete neural network.

Scope’s initial target market is the Advertising and gaming industry. Upon successful beta testing, the Company will expand to a number of other industries to meet the demands of businesses. Additional future features include not only the ability to render neural networks but also have the networks hosted by Scope’s SaaS infrastructure and have inference tasks accessed via sophisticated APIs.

Scope AI makes AI easy and open for everyone. With GEM available for others to use under their brand, entrepreneurs can build up their companies, sharing in the revenue. This model means any business can use AI without spending a lot. With our intuitive web-interface, a retail business could easily set up an object detection system to monitor inventory levels and customer interactions in real-time.

  • CRM
  • Enhanced Login and Account Security
  • Data Encryption.

Customers of any size will easily be able to onboard to the platform and start using the intuitive web-interface to build custom solutions for their respective businesses in seconds.

In the future, we plan to expand GEM’s capabilities to include not only the ability to render neural networks but also to host these networks on Scope’s SaaS infrastructure, allowing for seamless access to inference tasks through sophisticated APIs.

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Initial Targeted Industries


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GEM can look at how people behave and use that to make ads more personal. This can change the way businesses connect with their audience. For example, GEM can analyze user engagement data to tailor ad content, resulting in more effective and resonant advertising campaigns.

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KNOW the best Layout, User flow and provide a custom look and journey for each users!

The online gambling industry is booming, expected to hit over US$107 billion by 2024 and US$138 billion by 2028. This fast-growing market is ready for innovation, and Scope’s GEM platform is here to shake things up. GEM’s AI capabilities can personalize game recommendations, enhance user experiences, and provide developers with valuable insights into player behavior.